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Re: Free Speech

Postby recluse » Wed Mar 21, 2018 8:17 am

I heard something about a sex trafficking bill being pushed through Congress that would hold internet sites responsible for what users post as it relates to sex trafficking. That seems like a really dumb idea. I know it's being fought, but are our politicians dumb or corrupt enough to actually back a bill like that?
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Re: Copyright / Fair Use / Anti-SLAPP / etc.

Postby mrgreen » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:21 pm

Appeals Court Says It's Okay To Copyright An Entire Style Of Music
Excellent article regarding general topic of copyright and how it is often the case that the legal system completely fails.
The Gayes, no doubt, are pleased by this outcome. They shouldn’t be. They own copyrights in many musical works, each of which (including “Got to Give It Up”) now potentially infringes the copyright of any famous song that preceded it.
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Re: Entire Style Of Music

Postby cactuspete » Wed Apr 25, 2018 8:26 am

mrgreen: Determining whether or not a song is overly similar to another song should be a very specific and exact matter. It shouldn't just be generally similar, but it should be a matter of almost direct copying. I think sometimes even very intelligent people lose track of the intent and purpose of the law. Apparently even experienced judges are likely to misapply the law.
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Re: Copyright / Fair Use / Anti-SLAPP / etc.

Postby MojaveMike » Wed Aug 01, 2018 8:08 am

Cops Lose Qualified Immunity After Arresting Man For A Snarky Facebook Comment
Cops are expected to exercise reasonable judgement and when they don't they can be held accountable. By losing qualified immunity, the door is wide open for a lawsuit. What you post online can come back to haunt you, BUT that doesn't mean that others can't be sued for over-reacting to or misinterpreting what you post.
... one of Ross’s Facebook friends posted an image (or meme) that showed a number of different firearms below the title “Why I need a gun.” Above each type of gun was an explanation of what the gun could be used for—e.g., above a shotgun: “This one for burglars & home invasions”; above a rifle with a scope: “This one for putting food on the table”; and above an assault rifle: “This one for self-defense against enemies foreign & domestic, for preservation of freedom & liberty, and to prevent government atrocities.” Ross interpreted this post as advocating against gun control measures. Ross, an advocate in favor of gun control measures, commented on the post: “Which one do I need to shoot up a kindergarten?” Ross then logged off Facebook and went to bed.

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