Peak Bagging

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Re: Peak Bagging

Postby wildrose » Thu Apr 05, 2018 6:56 am

7-year-old reaches summit of Mount Kilimanjaro :thumb:
Very few kids these days would be able to complete a five-mile hike, let alone a strenuous mountain hike like this one!
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Re: Peak Bagging

Postby twister » Sat Jun 16, 2018 6:47 am

Mountain communities invite visitors to '3-2-1 Hiking Challenge'
Hike to the summits of three peaks in a single hike, including the highest peak in Ventura County and the highest peak in Kern County.
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Re: Peak Bagging

Postby surfsteve » Sat Jun 16, 2018 7:58 am

Wow! That looks like a great hike. That video really motivated me. How much driving would I have to do to get there from Trona?
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Re: Peak Bagging

Postby deathvalleyjake » Sat Jun 16, 2018 2:32 pm

surfsteve: According to Google it's three hours each way. Just type "Trona CA to Mt Pinos" into Google and it should give you all the info you need. The best route skips Bakersfield, which is something I always try to do.
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