Saline Valley Hot Springs

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Re: Saline Valley Hot Springs

Postby deathvalleyjake » Thu Feb 01, 2018 8:46 am

CactusHugger: I'd rather skip the crowds, but I do try to get out there a couple times a year. Not necessarily to the hot springs themselves, but at least out for a drive through the valley or to an interesting destination somewhere in the immediate area.
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Re: Saline Valley Hot Springs

Postby BoraxBill » Thu Apr 26, 2018 5:12 pm

Marble Bath: This desert oddity hides in plain sight thanks to a cartographic error and a desert explorer with a punny sense of humor.
A guy named Wendel Moyer installed a bathtub filled with blue marbles as a prank back in the 1990s near Steel Pass because...
There’s a location shown on various topographical maps called Marble Bath. The actual location marks a set of shallow decompressions in the bedrock near the Last Chance Mountains. The dips fill with rainwater and become a rare, precious source of water within an otherwise arid stretch of desert. But on some older maps, Marble Bath isn’t quite where the cartographers say it is. This false location is shown closer to Steel Pass Road and has fooled many a hiker on a quest to locate the ephemeral pools of water.

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Re: Saline Valley

Postby CrustyOldFart » Fri Apr 27, 2018 8:28 am

BoraxBill: I've always been curious about that site. I've heard lots of stories and studied the map of the area. Definitely a great bucket list item! Having been to the hot springs on a few occasions it wouldn't be too much of an extension to make it up to Steel Pass although I know the road gets rougher up that way.
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Re: Saline Valley Hot Springs

Postby wildbill » Fri Sep 21, 2018 4:12 pm

Should Death Valley's Illegal Chicken Strip Airfield Be Made Legal?
I always thought it was perfectly legal to use this airstrip. Although I've never observed a landing or takeoff there, I have been there while planes have been on the ground. No one to help if anything goes wrong, but the dirt airstrip is at least reasonable flat and free of large obstacles!
The Saline Valley Warm Springs Airfield, commonly known as Chicken Strip, is an unpaved landing strip near Saline Valley Warm Springs that has been in use for decades. However, when the area was added to Death Valley National Park in 1994, landing at the Chicken Strip became illegal by default regulations restricting the operation of aircraft on NPS lands.

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