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Postby MAGA » Sat Sep 17, 2022 6:36 am

Lots of Californians appreciate this song:
I'm with you. I wish I could get out too. The only good thing about where I live is that most people in Kern County vote red. Unfortunately we are only one small county. I actually live in Ridgecrest and Newsom doesn't even like to acknowledge we exist. He came here once after the earthquakes and more or less said that we were on our own. We help each other and didn't need his help anyways.

Born and raised in California. Thank you God Almighty my mother was a Texan and took us "home" several times as we grew up. Mr. Brown. Thank you for your songs and insights. One day they will be taught to our great-grandchildren like nursery rhymes were taught to us. Nursery rhymes are political statements from ages ago.

As a CA native, I laughed so hard at your true song! There are a few of us conservatives stuck here for whatever reason and laughing at the blue counties! Hope they enjoy those smash and grabs at their stores!!

I am Califfornia born and raised. I love this state, the land and environments, but can't wait to get the hell out. Not all of us are supporters of Newscum, his Aunt or Brandon but Southern California has a much higher population that out votes us Northern California's. Could not agree with you more about this one Buddy.

Silly me thought this would be set to the tune of California Dreamin. "California blackout....on such a summer day...."

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