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Text Readers

PostPosted: Thu Jul 17, 2014 7:50 pm
by surfsteve
I have been using Readplease since the year 2000 and I noticed today that the program is no longer offered or supported so I thought I would see what else I could find.
Here are the two best programs one for Android and one for Windows.

Also: Windows Narrator will read web pages but wont highlight text as it reads.

I downloaded Natural Reader to my PC and think this is the one that I will probably eventually use to replace ReadPlease. A free online mini version can be found here

Or you can download free and paid versions from their website that do more. Be sure and watch this video:

Voice Aloud is good and works on Android. I put it on my phone and it works. There are some great support videos from the guy that made it.

To all those who are tired of reading. Happy Listening!