Arthritis and joint pain

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Arthritis and joint pain

Postby surfsteve » Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:46 am

When I watched this video it made a lot of sense to me.

Knee Arthritis and Your Mouth Bacteria

What if the whole current medical theory about arthritis is all wrong? I got to wonder how many knee replacements could have been avoided through diet and herbal supplementation. I've tried just about all of the herbs he mentioned. Used to use goldenseal and myrrh extensively for general health but haven't for many decades. Might have to order some to try again. Bought some olive leaf extract a few years ago but it turned into a lump from the humidity of my swamp cooler and I threw it out a few months ago. One thing he didn't mention in the video was monolaurin, an extract found in coconut oil. Monolauren has been my go to for everything and I load up on it at the first sign of a cold or anything. I always thought it was my waterpik but I gotta wonder if it didn't have anything to to with my gums clearing up and now that I think about it I hardly have joint pain anymore either, which I attributed to my change in diet. Wish more was known about it. I guess doctors making a ton of money from knee replacements have no interests in finding an inexpensive cure that would put them out of business. The Dr. Bergs in this world are rare and I'm glad he has been able to survive in spite of the medical establishment.
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