Plant-Based Diet

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Re: Plant-Based Diet

Postby surfsteve » Mon Jun 11, 2018 8:44 am

No, no. I think greens are very healthy food. Gregor does rely on studies but they are only as good as the people that are doing them and he is not completely honest about the ones he picks. He's also a bit of a used car salesman in his videos, citing only the parts of a study that suit him and then switching what he is talking about, leaving the impression that he is quoting facts from the first thing when he is talking about the second.

He also tells outright white lies. While there may be someone that claimed eggs lowered your cholesterol I highly doubt anyone respectable said it. Most people claim the facts are that cholesterol is produced by the body to combat stress and there is little or no correlation between how much of it you eat and your cholesterol levels. There are two ways to lower your cholesterol. The healthy option is to have a healthy lifestyle, diet and environment which will lower your stress level, there by lowering your cholesterol level by diminishing your body's need for it. The second option, which is unhealthy is to starve your body of the nutrition it needs to make cholesterol or inhibit it's ability to do so with cholesterol lowering drugs.

I fully support a plant “based” diet, just not the idea that plants are good and meat is bad. If you look at the diet of centurions, (people that live over the age of 100,) virtually all of them are omnivores and eat both.

In addressing salmonella and food borne illnesses I would say virtually no one dies of these diseases, but cancer, a disease that was unknown till the advent of processed foods is the leading cause of death and ignored in those statistics. Dogs are often fed raw meat or munch on bones that are weeks old and loaded with potentially deadly microbes and hardly anyone is concerned about it. It is said they are used to it and often dismissed but humans that eat raw salads probably have developed the same immunity that dogs have developed for raw meat and the rotten insides of old bones and would probably develop that too if allowed the chance. My philosophy is the less food is processed the healthier it is. Greggor would have you believe that a knife that was used to cut up raw chicken is deadly even after it has been washed in hot soapy water and maybe there is some truth to rinsing vegetables in the same sink as that chicken was washed in but if you've been doing it all your life the chances of becoming ill from it are negligible, just like the dog who's been munching on rotten bones.

Just remember, french fries are vegan. Charred and processed meat can be just as bad, not to mention fried cheese. I think the fact that vegans live longer (Do they really?) is because it is pretty much done by people seeking better health and not because they gave up meat. How many self proclaimed vegans live on french fries and doughnuts? (Probably a lot more people than go around talking about it!)

I'm certain that an unprocessed diet will get you a lot further down the road than one focusing on whether it contains meat or vegetables.
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Re: Plant-Based Diet

Postby ergot » Tue Jun 12, 2018 7:09 am

surfsteve: It sounds like you disagree with Dr. Gregor on a number of issues. I think it's possible for honest people to have a difference of opinion since "evidence" is not always black and white. To some extent people go with their best hunch based on all the information they have. Confirmation bias is hard to avoid and most are susceptible to some extent. It's not necessarily that we want to believe certain things so much as our previous experiences set us up to have more confidence that certain things are true. Two equally honest and open-minded people might reach different conclusions based on the exact same body of data depending on the order in which they sift through the data (providing that we're talking about a sufficiently large body of data). My point being that Dr. Gregor seems like a reasonable, rational, honest, and open-minded investigator to me. That doesn't mean that he's right about everything, just that it's reasonable to trust him as an information source. After all, he does provide citations which can be checked by anyone who wants to look more deeply into a nutritional controversy. Further, I doubt there is anyone on YouTube that produces videos which present information about nutrition in such a concise and organized manner.
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Re: Plant-Based Diet

Postby wildrose » Wed Jun 13, 2018 3:39 pm

Most Important Vegetable You Should Grow for Your Health
This is an interesting and potentially useful plant. It can take the heat and it's supposed to have all sort of healthy properties.
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Re: Plant-Based Diet

Postby panamint_patty » Fri Jun 15, 2018 9:16 am

The Best Science-Based Diet for Fat Loss (ALL MEALS SHOWN!)
This guy recommends a lot of protein and doesn't say anything specifically about saturated fats. He also seems interested in selling product for a company that sponsors him.
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